Commitment: Never Give Up and Always Let Go


I found it amusing to look up the word commitment in the dictionary and find defining words such as “devotion, responsibility, loyalty, and dedication” just before another definition of “confinement and institutionalization.” Mind you, this would be just one week after I pledged my love to Robert, in marriage, in the backyard of our new home.

It is true, however, that these two dichotomous definitions of commitment confuse even the best of us. Think about it how many of us find ourselves cramped in an un-fulfilling job in the name of responsibility? Or confined in an abusive relationship out of loyalty? Perhaps we limit life’s opportunities as we devote ourselves to only one method of thinking and believing?

Conversely, there are those of us who avoid cultivating attachments altogether. In hurrying to avoid staying in one place, doing one thing, being with one person, we find weve gone nowhere at all. Fear, distrust, and past hurts become the very bricks of a prison of our own design.
In both, we voluntarily commit ourselves to an existence of quiet desperation.

Commitment is the key that unlocks our soul.

In yoga, we are taught that it is a fundamental combination of abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (non-attachment) that lay the foundation to a spiritual life. Abyasa involves strong conviction and persistent effort, and leads us in the right direction. Vairagya involves letting go of fears, aversions, and false identities that only serve to sidetrack.
Never give up and always let go.

To commit ourselves means we put into practice our convictions. And, in all that we commit to, we must let go as well. Commit to growth and let go of the past; commit to forgiveness and let go of anger; commit to love and release fear.

And then, repeat after me: I do.

Peggy teaches yoga classes in Alexandria, Virginia. She also offers private and semi-private instruction throughout the D.C. metro area including Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Vienna, and McLean.


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